What is Car Insurance? | Benefits Of Car Insurance

Nowadays everyone is getting their new car insured, and it is also necessary to get car

insurance, but if you have a car and you also want to get car insurance, then before that you Should know what is car insurance and its benefits.




Many times it happens that we take the wrong car insurance from the wrong place in a hurry, so it is very important to have the right information, so let’s know what is car insurance and how to take it.



What is car insurance?


We can say that car insurance is a kind of facility in which you can avoid future expenses, like if you take car insurance, then in future if there is an accident with your car in which you or your car is damaged. If there is any loss to any other person by you, then the company from which you have taken the car insurance will pay all the expenses, or suppose if your car is stolen then you can also take the benefit of car insurance for that.



Types of car insurance

Before getting car insurance, it is important to know that how many types of car insurance are available and which insurance will be suitable for you. there are 2 types of car insurance in it,


  • Third party car insurance
  • Comprehensive car insurance

1- Third party car insurance

In third party insurance, the premium is less, but it also has less benefits, in this, if there is any accident with your car in which any other person is harmed, then its expenses are recovered from the insurance done by you. In this, if there is any damage in your car or you suffer any damage, you do not get the money.

2- Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is also called first party car insurance, its premium is high but its benefits are also high, in this, if there is any accident with your car, then the person in front gets money as well as you,or if your car is stolen you still get money for it.

Benefits of car insurance

There are many benefits of car insurance, some of which are

1- If the car is damaged by any type, such as from fire, self-ignition or theft, then you are safe, company will pay all the expenses and it is the first advantage of car insurance.


2- if you get some injury because of car accident, and you don’t have money for treatment, even then you get the benefit of car insurance, the company also gives its money.


3- If your car causes damage to another person, then even if you do not have money, the company also pays the expenses due to the insurance.


4- If your car is damaged, then the advantage of car insurance is that you can go to any garage connected to the company and get the car repaired, for that you do not have to wait or do any more process.