What Is Web 3.0 ? How It Will Change Entire Internet?

What Is Web 3.0 ? How It Will Change Entire Internet?

In today’s time, most of our work is from the internet. Especially after the lockdown because after this, all the work has become work form home. In such a situation, the use of the internet is more. But now the internet is not just an ordinary internet, but it has become quite high-tech.



If you are a blogger or have the slightest interest in technology, then this information can be very special to you because what is Web 3.0 in this article today?





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What is the Web 3.0? About the Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is called the Decontrol Web. This version was developed in 2010. That being said, it is many steps ahead of Web 2.0.



Because everything will be open here. But the security will remain the same. Whatever data you save or share in Web 3.0 will be saved in many computers along with you.



Due to which, if someone thinks about stealing your data, then they will never be able to hack your entire information. Let’s know about its history before you learn about it.



Whenever you create a website in Web 2.0, you have to first register a domain name and renew that domain name every year, but in Web 3.0, you only have to register the domain name once and it becomes bound for a lifetime, you will never have to renew it.



Now let’s talk about the website server where you host the website. When you create a website on Web 2.0, you need a hosting server to host that website which is available for a lot of money but if you build your website in Web 3.0 then you will not need to take a hosting server.



Some Features Of Web 3.0:

No features have been designed for this yet. But one thing has come out that, it will be powered by blockchain technology. Which is used for cryptocurrencies.



In blockchain technology, no data is saved in any one computer or server. In fact, there is a save in computers around the world. So it’s not that easy to hack it.



The special thing is that after 3.0, the internet will be open. Because of which he will be the most secure. That is, if a hacker is thinking of hacking it, then it will not be so easy for him.


Privacy Of Web 3.0:

In this, you get a privacy that, if you have saved your data in some place and you want to see it again in another computer, then you can open it from anywhere. But for that, you have to add certain things to it. If you don’t add them, you won’t be able to open it either.


When Will Web 3.0 Arrive?

In the context of when web 3.0 will come, we can also say that Web 3.0 is coming or has come because under Web 3.0 you can buy TLD domains that are not owned by any domain provider, which is only recorded in blockchain technology.

You can use the TLD domain as a profile or web address of any of your blogs, websites or social media platforms. Apart from this, you can also make the TLD domain the address of your Bitcoin wallet.


How Do We Use Web 3.0?

You may have already known that after the arrival of Web 3.0, your life will change completely. This will happen when you put your content on the Internet. Because after this, no one will be able to delete your content. That’s because he needs your right for that. Otherwise, they won’t be able to do anything related to your content. This includes Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. That’s how it will work.


What will Web 3.0 change in the world of the Internet?

In Web 1.0, users were given the option of just viewing and reading data, in which the full control of the web was with the admin of the website.

Then came Web 2.0 and it called the website or say that the web page has been given 2 way communications or say that an interaction platform that along with the admin, users were also given the option to view, read and change that data.

Now it is the turn of Web 3.0 to be based on a completely independent or say decentralized system. In this, the admin can go to any platform and share his data on any platform and that data will not be stored on any one server so that the server company cannot use your data and will not have to face problems like leakage of data.

The best thing about this for the user will be that according to the interest of the users, it will be shown to the users only what the users really want to see. With the advent of Web 3.0, the monopoly of social networking sites like Facebook will also end.


Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency Names:

Internet Computer:

It is not possible to talk about Web 3.0 and the name of the ICP does not come up. It is one of the most famous currencies in the world of crypto. However, at the time of its launch, its price was quite high. But after that, its price has dropped significantly. The main reason for this is the ICP’s project which is going to last for about 20 years.


There is another name for bittorrent coin. You must have heard the torrent’s name many times. Where you used to go and download games, softwares, movies. The same is influenced by the bittorrant currency. The file is shared in it. That’s why it’s being used the most.


It now comes the name of the file coin through which the transfer of the file is used for the data. This is because when a file is transferred to another system, a blockchain record will be kept. As a reward for which you can use file coin. This will also take less time for you and the file will also be safe.


Web 3.0 is trying to use Theta Coin in a project of video streaming. You all know that you must have seen the live streaming of YouTube or Twitter. Whose control is only with them. But now, after the arrival of Theta, efforts are being made that all this control should come to it.


If you are interested in crypto, then you must have heard the name of Polcadot at some time or the other. Also called a dot. It is included in the top-10 of cryptocurrencies. It is a blockchain on which tokens are made every day. That’s why web 3.0 projects are coming in handy.


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