What Is SEO | Types Of Seo – Search Engine Optimization

Nowadays everyone wants to bring their business on the internet. But just bringing your business on the internet is not everything. It is also important to reach your business to the people. For this, you can reach your website to the people in two ways, the first way is advertisement for which you have to spend money. As long as the ad continues, traffic will keep coming to your website. And the second way is absolutely free. And there is a long term. For this you have to seo your website. But you know what is seo, how to do seo.





In today’s time everyone wants to get their website ranked. There are many people who do blogging and want to earn money from blogging, but for that it is also necessary to get traffic to your blog because the more traffic, the more your income will be. But only search engine optimization is necessary for blogging. Because this is a free way that brings traffic to the blog. So we understand what is search engine optimization





What Is SEO


The full name of SEO is search engine optimization. And the name itself suggests that what is seo. Meaning optimizing your blog or article in such a way that it starts ranking in the search engine. For this, first we have to understand what is a search engine.



Search engine is a kind of algorithm that crawls all the information of the internet through its crawler and keeps files of different categories in its database. and whenever a user searches for something, the search engine shows the results related to that user by searching it in their database. google, bing are also search engines. And we mostly use google.



And we also have to use such a technique in our blog or article so that our blog ranks at the top of the search engine. If any user searches related keywords from our blog, then the search engine should show him our blog. For example, let us understand that I have an article that I have written about what is search engine optimization. Now if any user searches on google what is seo or what is search engine optimization then google show him my article.


Types Of SEO


Now you have come to know that what is seo, now you know that seo is of kitne type.

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Local SEO


What Is On Page SEO

On page seo means how you have done seo in your blog or article.  Meaning you have not used the keywords correctly. Using the title correctly, writing the meta description correctly, using alt text in the image, taking care of the speed of the blog, how quickly the page gets loaded.  There is no error page.  Creating the navigation menu correctly using internal links and outbond links.  All this comes in on page seo. Meaning under on page seo, we have to do all the things in our blog or article itself.


What Is Off Page SEO

Off page seo means that we have to do all the work outside the blog, which increases the chances of our blog or article being ranked. Under off page seo, we have to create backlinks for our blog or article. We can put links to our articles on social media, or we can put links on free classified websites. Apart from this, you can put links to your blog on directory submission websites or you can put a link to your blog in that post by guest posting on someone else’s blog. These are all backlinks and this is also called off page seo. Due to which the domain authority of your blog increases and traffic also comes to your blog. Which increases the chances of your blog getting ranked in the search engines.


What Is Local SEO

It is understood from the name of Local seo that to optimize your blog or website in such a way that it will rank locally on google, means that your business is in Mumbai and you want someone to search about that business in Mumbai. Then he should see your website. Long tail keywords are used for this. For example, if you understand that you have a website designing company which is in Mumbai, then you have done local seo of your website on this keyword “best web designing company in mumbai”, now any user who will work for website designing company in Mumbai So he will search on google that best web designing company in mumbai  and if you have SEO of your website on the same keyword, then google will show your website to that user.


How To Do SEO Of Our Blog

Now you have understood that what is seo, now it comes to how to do seo. So we understand how to do seo of our blog

  • First of all, you have to do keyword research in the right way that on which keyword you have to rank your blog
  •  You should have your keywords in the title and meta description of your blog, so that Google can know what your website is about.
  •  The speed of your blog should not be low, that means whenever a user opens your blog, it does not take much time to load.
  •  Use keywords in the right way in the article. Use headings and subheadings.
  •  Create backlinks for your blog, which will also bring traffic to your blog from other websites and also increase the domain authority of your blog.
  •  Use the navigation menu in your blog and there should be no error page. This will make it easier for the crawler of google to crawl your blog.





Now you must have understood what is search engine optimization and how it works. Now you have to try these techniques on your blog, which will gradually increase the ranking of your blog and the traffic will also increase.