What Is E Shram Card 2022: Registration Form, Eligibility, Benefits, How To Apply?

If you also work in the uncategorized sector, then you can also get the benefit of this E Shram card scheme, in which you will get many benefits of other schemes of the government, but for this you should know what is E Shram card and how to apply for E Shram Card.


What Is E Shram Yojana?


E Shram Yojana is a scheme launched by the Central Government, under which the data of workers of the uncategorized sector will be collected, in reality the data of the workers of the uncategorized sector will be collected and kept in the national database and under the E Shram Card scheme, the Central or State Whatever scheme will be made by the government, its direct benefit will be given to those workers.



What Is E Shram Card, What Is NDUW


The NDUW is also known for National Database of Uncategorized Workers, according to this the Ministry of Labor and Employment is collecting all the information about the uncategorized workers all over the country, for which E Shram Portal has been developed and UAN Card Scheme or E Shram Card scheme has been launched.

For this, the facility of registration will be available on the website, and a identity card will be issued to every uncategorized worker, which will be a unique number, it will be called e shram card, UAN card or NDUW card.


E Shram Card Eligibility:

  1. To register for E Shram Card, it is necessary to accomplish all the mandatory things given below
  2. Age of the applicant should be 15 to 59 years
  3. The applicant should not be an income tax payer
  4. The applicant should not be a member of EPFO and ESIC
  5. The applicant should be a worker of the uncategorized sector


Benefits Of E Shram Card:

there are many benefits of E Shram card, which will be directly beneficial for the workers of the uncategorized sector, some of them are as follows

1- Data of more than 40 crore workers of the uncategorized sector will be available on the e-shram portal, which can be used by the government at any time.

2- Workers with E Shram card will be given direct benefits of government schemes, and they will not need to register again for this.

3- In the e-shram scheme, domestic workers and workers from other uncategorized sectors will be connected together and government will work on them to develop them.

4- After registering on the e-shram portal, every worker will be given an e-shram card, which will be valid throughout the country.

5- The workers who get E Shram Card will be given the benefit of bheem yojana, and after registration the premium of 1 year will be waived.


Required Documents For E Shram Card:

If you want to register for E Shram Card Scheme then you have to accomplish the Required Documents for E Shram card which is given below

Mandatory Documents:

  1. Kyc using aadhar number
  2. Having an account in the bank
  3. Having a mobile number

Optional Documents:

  1. Having a certificate of education
  2.  Income certificate
  3. Skill certificate
  4. Business certificate


How To Register For E Shram Card:

If you also want to take the benefit of E Shram card, then for this you can apply for E Shram card both offline and online.


How To Apply E Shram Card Offline:

1- For this, first you have to go to your nearest internet Service Center, and ask them about the E Shram Card.

2- The internet Service Center operator will ask you for your 12 digit Aadhaar number and some basic information like address, mobile number,bank details etc.

3- Something can be demanded from you in the form of a document, such as a certificate of education or income certificate (this is an optional document, even if you do not give it, then registration will be done)

4- The internet Service Center operator will apply for your E Shram Card and at the same time download and give your E Shram Card to you.


How To Apply E Shram Card Online:

1 – For this you have to go to the official website of e-shram portal, eshram.gov.in

2- The home page of the e-shram portal will open in front of you, here you will have to click on the link of register on e-shram

3- Then a page will open in front of you, here you will have to enter your Aadhaar number, and fill the CAPTCHA code, and click on send OTP

(Your Aadhar must be linked with your mobile number for its registration)

4- Now you have to submit OTP, then e-shram card self registration form will open in front of you

6- This form has to be filled by you in the following steps, like

  • Name
  • Address
  • Mobile number
  • Marital status
  • education
  • Occupation
  • bank details
  • preview self declaration
  • UAN card download


7-After entering all the information, your self-declaration will be done, then you will see your E Shram card, download this card for future to take advantages of E Shram scheme.



Now you must have understood what is E Shram card, and how to apply for E Shram card. All the information about the E Shram portal has been given, yet if you want to know anything, then you can ask in the comment section.